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Our company offers training courses based on the extensive experience of the their authors and trainers in the following areas:

  • Modeling business processes,
  • Managing requirements,
  • Application analysis and design,
  • Programming,
  • Configuration and change management,
  • TSoftware testing,
  • Develop software with the help of agile approaches,
  • Defining and documenting development processes,
  • Optimization of methodologies and development processes,
  • IT system security,
  • Organization of IT departments,
  • Project and project portfolio management.


We offer two types of training courses:

  • Catalogue (standard) training courses, whose content is described in our catalogue of training courses,
  • Dedicated training courses, prepared in accordance with the client’s needs and specific circumstances.

Dedicated training courses

Our long practice shows that dedicated training courses are a more effective form of training groups of homogenous (in terms of knowledge and experience) participants. These courses focus solely on topics selected for the participants in terms of their interests and the issues they deal with in their everyday work.

Catalogue (standard) training courses

We have prepared standard training courses for groups on various levels of advancement. The manner in which the material is presented by the trainer enables participants to quickly make up the differences in knowledge and experience between them.  In order to make it easier to find a desired training course, we have ascribed each course to at least one project role.

Organizational information:

Our trainers

All our training courses are conducted by trainers and instructors with many years’ experience in the given subject matter and in effective training and communication. The persons who conduct the courses are highly courteous, eager to help and have an excellent command of Polish.

Training materials

If the given course description does not state otherwise, the training materials are in the form of a slide presentation in Polish. Some courses include additional materials, such as training scripts and/or CDs with additional materials.

Training groups

Minimum size of a training group – 5 persons; the group may be smaller in case of certain training courses. Maximum size of a training group – 10-12 persons.

Training course formula

Our company conducts two types of training courses: open and closed. Information about open training courses is published on our website; this information always applies to catalogue courses. Closed training courses are conducted on the basis of an order placed by the client and are held at a place and time agreed with the client. Closed training courses may be conducted in accordance with the program of catalogue training courses or a dedicated course (subject matter to be agreed with the client).

Open training courses are conducted at our company’s headquarters. Closed training courses are conducted at our company’s headquarters, the client’s offices or some other mutually agreed venue.


Please address all questions concerning our training offering as well as course prices and schedules to Agata Broniszewska:

phone number: +48 22 257 25 00
mobile phone: +48 603 891 364
fax: +48 22 257 23 00
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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