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PRO 6 Method

PRO 6 Method

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PRO 6 Method

Best practices

We offer the well-ordered and flexible PRO 6 Method, designed especially for implementing project and project porfolio management processes as well as CA PPM™ solutions. This approach entails the use of proven, safe and preconfigured key solutions and repeating problems in well-defined business areas, which support:

  • selection of the right portfolio of projects – strategy, finances, resources,
  • full life cycle of the investment,
  • cooperation between stakeholders,
  • business monitoring and reporting,
  • application of best practices in the sector.

An implementation includes a preliminary assessment of the situation and the elaboration of development guidelines, also mentoring in key areas impacting the success of the implementation. The solution is provided on the basis of well-defined functional areas:

  • initative/need management,
  • project management,
  • resources management,
  • finances management,
  • business communication (monitoring and reporting).

The main advantages of our approach are:

  • focusing on the business benefits provided by the solution (resulting from the functionalities and capabilities of the system),
  • reducing the time it takes to realize benefits (time-to-value),
  • high flexibility of solution adaptation without the need for deep customization,
  • approach based on best management practices,
  • flexible rendering of support services,
  • ease of updating the solution.

The key features of our approach are:

  • a deployment roadmap based on best expert practices,
  • modularity of the solution,
  • reference architecture or SaaS model,
  • preconfigured content,
  • mentoring and transfer of knowledge,
  • agile, fast approach to implementation,
  • deployment discipline (project plan, communication plan, risk management, system documentation etc.)


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