Our team

We believe in building high-quality solutions that deliver the expected business results

PRO 6 Method

PRO 6 Method

Practical, efficient and proven implementation method of PPM Solutions


Top quality services

The services we render are based on the best practices and stable project process



We cooperate with the best technology suppliers and proven liders on the market

Our team

TeamWe believe in building high-quality solutions that deliver the expected business results.

We strive to ensure our clients’ success and devote particular attention to rendering services essential for the positive outcome and ongoing improvement of projects.

Our passion helps us to grow as a company but also as individuals. Our reward for our engagement and performance is the client’s satisfaction and genuine change in the client’s organization, which produces the expected results.

We work as a team, supporting each other while always putting the client first.

We are very proud of the solutions we create for our clients and of the way we operate as a company. Our work ethic is defined by the basic values that lie at the foundation of our business:

  • practicality – tailoring solutions to needs so as to enable achievement of planned business goals,
  • cost-effectiveness – we deliver measurable financial and organizational benefits so that the investments made by our clients yield returns many times over,
  • realism – time that an organization must devote to implementing projects is adjusted to its current capabilities, taking into account the pace of change and the organization’s capacity to adapt to it,
  • experience – we make use of our long experience as well as standardized deployments processes in order to effectively implement changes in our clients’ organizations, based on knowledge contained in world-class standards and technologies.


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