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For project-oriented organizations, support of operational activities and control of projects under way is very important. We provide a comprehensive, centralized project management environment based on CA PPM (Project Portfolio Management). It ensures access to current data in the following areas: current projects, resources, risks, finances, planned and current engagements. It enables analysis of this information in the context of individual projects as well as programs or the entire investment portfolio, in all phases – from tracking initiatives, through managing operations until the final settlement of the project. On the basis of best practices, we can standardize many elements of the management process and project products (templates, models).

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) enables an organization to define and set proper priorities, understand and measure the impact of projects on the organization and its capacity to execute its strategy. PPM takes a comprehensive approach to the issue of project resources, enabling specification of the initiatives (initiative scenarios) that the organization could carry out. Thanks to this, the organization has the data necessary to make decisions about the right projects to choose for its project portfolio, and to carry them out in the right (effective and efficient) way.

Our services and solutions make it possible to improve the organization’s existing processes and tools so that the portfolio of projects it undertakes is optimal. This yields practically immediate benefits in terms of project efficiency, availability and use of resources, employee talent and budget.

We also offer a convenient cloud solution built on the CA PPM engine  

You can read more about the functionalities of the solution in the producer leaflet  



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